Famous Turkish Food

The Turkish region has a variety of foods. Different food types have varying regards according to those who consume them. But in overall some kind of food will be more preferred by people than others. In Turkish, there are different food variety ranging from soft drinks and other consumables. A wide variety of Turkish watering dishes is inherited from the Ottoman style of preparing them. Turkish cuisine of preparations is mostly a combination of central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan methods. Therefore the procedure of cooking a particular food item is cumbersome for whoever who don’t know. Here are some most famous dishes prepared and consumed at both restaurants and homes discussed under various classes.



Turkish has a wide variety of vegetables which are cooked with meat yet others are not. A dish cooked without meat is referred to as zeytinyağlı. Zeytin yağlı means the dish is prepared with olive oil. Such kind of meal is served when cold and includes the following:


1) Yaprak Sarma is a composition of vine leaves with rice and onion as well as some other spices which increase the taste.


2) Dolma is fresh or dried vegetables such as eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes with added rice, onion, and other spices.


3) Taze fasulye is composed of green beans prepared with tomatoes and onion.


Due to the Turkish extent of tender meat, they mostly include it when preparing zeytin yağlı although there are other dishes that meat is an essential component. You can choose from flat iron vs flank steak


They include the following:


1) Karnıyarık is just fried eggplants combined with meat and other spices like onions, tomatoes as well garlic. For right eggplant, the meat should not be too dark and dry, and the faint color peel should not smear the peeled parts.


2) Lahmacun is a dish composed of dough, finely minced meat and other spices mostly onion. People serve it with tomatoes or any available complementary although lemon is most preferred. It originated from Syrian cuisine and is a favorite dish in the region.


3) Kuru fasulye is another dish made of beans and not a must to include meat or slices of beef. It is mostly served with plain rice and tursu.


Masterpieces and famous dishes


1) Kebaps is famous and prepared with the meat of a lamb or beef or chicken. The meat covered skewer and prepared by passing it over the charcoal fire until it is ready.


2) Döner is prepared using beaten meat pieces kept with herbs and other components like suet.


3) Köfte is commonly known as meatballs and prepared by ground meat, crumbled bread, and well-cut onions. They are of different shapes with Izgara Köfte being common.


4) Mantı is normally prepared consisting of dough and well-ground meat as well other spices.


Mostly consumed Turkish side dishes


1) Pilav is the simpler pilaf. Primarily plain rice cooked with water, oil and fine pasta pieces.


2) Bulgur Pilavı is rice like wheat. Mostly is cooked with tomato paste, roasted onions, green peppers as well mint.


3) Fried vegetables are cooked with tomato sauce or yogurt. Always in preparation of fried vegetables, garlic is accompanied by source or yogurt.


4) Mücver is prepared with zucchini, eggs, and flour. Mostly white cheese, green onions, and mint are used and are served while hot.


5) Cacık is commonly prepared using shredded cucumbers, garlic, mint, and diluted yogurt. Mostly hot summers some serve it with ice cubes which makes it is much refreshing.